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If you can't explain something to a six-year-old, you really don't understand it yourself.
—Albert Einstein

If the work isn't being done well in the first place, doing more of it will not be useful!

Gee, that sounds like a great idea. Since it's not in the requirements document, I'll work up a revised schedule and cost estimate so that you can decide whether you want to do it now or later.

Where to study for software engineer in Bulgaria?

 This year (2012) many important events happend in my life. Biggest of which was my son's first birthday! Than I have finally decided what I want to do for a living. Last 6-7 years I was on a quest searching for a dream job - job which I'd be happy to work for next 15-20 years. I have some knowledge writting code in c, pascal, delphi, php and some others, but I clearly realize that this knowledge and my experience are insuficient to call myself a programmer. That's why I researched for available programming courses in Bulgaria and asked friends for recommendations. 

View categories

software architecture view categoriesIn software architecture a view is a representation of a set of system elements and the relationships associated with them. Sometimes view can be mistacen with structure which is the set of elements itself, as they exist in software. For example, a module structure is the set of the system's modules and their organization. A module view is the representation of that structure, as documented by and used by some system stakeholders. 

Module view

Module view category documents a system’s principal units of implementation (something like construction blueprint for the source code and data store, used for analysis and communication system's functionality to stakeholders).

Building architecture vs Software architecture

Software Architecture is often compared to building architecture. This comparison has its strengths and weaknesses, because it easy to find similarites between both, but in many ways it breaks down.

Software architectural drivers

In order to begin designing the architecture of a software system, architects need the key requirements that are most likely to affect the fundamental structure of the implementation. These key requirements will determine the structure of the system - they are the architectural drivers. Architectural drivers are the design forces that will influence the early design decisions the architect makes. Architectural drivers are not all of the requirements for a system, but they are an early attempt to identify and capture those requirements, that are most influential to the architect making early design decisions.

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